This week’s dinner menu

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menu ideas burger basket finalI’m back to regularly scheduled programming, running and eating better since last week’s recovery week after my friends and I ran the Woodstock 50K.

I even compiled a list of some of the best advice I’ve come across for Tuesdays on the Run.

What I haven’t done is do a good job planning our meals. Instead, I followed my own advice and pulled out a meal plan from another week. You can find previous weeks’ meal plans here, here and here. And you can always pull some new ones together.

As for this weekend, I’ve got an 18- to 20-mile run with my friend Vicki who apparently didn’t think that 50K was a good enough goal and instead also signed up for the Detroit and New York marathons.

It’s great to think that a long long-run is pretty routine. But it also reminds me that I need a plan for life after my big, audacious goal. I’ve spent close to a year leading up to Woodstock and I’m now a little rudderless. Not really sure what to do now. I’ll be sure to let you know when I decide.

Have you decided what to do after reaching a big distance goal? Did you worry about losing your hard-won mileage base?

This week’s dinner menu

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After the thrill of last weekend’s Mackinac Bridge Labor Day Run, the rest of the week’s been a blur of back-to-school, work and getting ready for this weekend’s Run Woodstock 50K.

I set out all of my gear last night, just to make sure I read Brandess Wallace’s helpful tips on what to pack for an ultra.

Flat chica for the Run Woodstock 50K.

Flat chica for the Run Woodstock 50K.

I also packed two drop bags, making sure to use Brandess’s handy drop bag guide. You can print out the list to pack your own: 10 drop bag essentials.

As for my carrot? I packed both Double Stuf Oreos and kettle chips.

Because some days, you run for the kettle chips.

Because some days, you run for the kettle chips.

If I forgot something, then I didn’t really need it.

I’m taking a moment in the middle of my packing extravaganza to to share the week’s dinner menu since I had to plan way ahead knowing the last thing I’ll want to do Sunday night will be meal planning and grocery shopping. If you’re new here, this is how I plan our meals.

What are your weekend plans? What’s the farthest you’ve ever run? 

This week’s dinner menu

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If weeks had theme songs, I’m thinking Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall would be appropriate for this one.

El husbando and our two youngest start school on Tuesday, with our favorite daughter starting her senior year. Our favorite 19-year-old started his sophomore year of college a couple of weeks ago.

That said, things should be pretty hairy at la chica’s household as summer schedules end and the school year begins. Lots of good things come from the new schedule, but lunchbox-packing and sleepy-child-waking are not on that list.

Whether you’re getting your favorite children ready to go back to school or busy with work or your training schedule, here’s a menu to make sure that you at least get something good to eat to end your weekdays. If you’re new, here’s how I plan our meals. Just remember to double the recipes if you want left-overs for lunches or your familia is gigantic like ours.

  • Shredded beef hoagies, chips, corn on the cob
  • Hamburgers, baked fries, corn
  • Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, corn-bread muffins (Jiffy mix), green beans
  • Cilantro lime chicken, white rice
  • Panini, chips

What’s going on for you this week? Have you found any yummy recipes to share?

gym bag running necessitiesEver try to run without your running shoes? Or without socks? How about with no sports bra?

Unfortunately, those are three essential things that I have forgotten when packing a bag for a post-work run. #fail

Let’s just say that I once found myself shopping for socks at a local Sears and only finding “athletic socks” that made my feet sweat and stink. Blech.

In the spirit of helping you avoid a similar horrible fate, here’s a checklist of running necessities you should include in your workout or gym bag (think head and shoulders, knees and toes):

  • Head: Hat, visor, headband, ponytail holder, bobby pins, and/or a brush or comb. Think, too, of headphones, sunglasses, a headlamp and ChapStick.
  • Shoulders: Sports bra, shirt (singlet, tank, T-shirt or long-sleeve tech shirt), a jacket if you need it, gloves in the winter, plus hand warmers, running watch/GPS tracker, RoadID and heart-rate monitor. If you wear one, remember your hydration vest, hand-held bottle or water belt/luggage. You may want to bring your cell phone, so make sure it’s charged, or grab an external charger (don’t forget your cord!).
  • Knees: Thinking above-the-knees here, technically. Wicking underwear, running shorts/skirt/tights/capris.
  • Toes: Socks, running shoes, orthotic inserts, Band-Aids or any tape you may use between or under toes to avoid chaffing.
  • Bonus: Deodorant and other toiletries if you plan to shower afterward, baby wipes, sunscreen, bug spray, dry shampoo, towel, clean clothes and a snack.

Feel free to add or remove things from the list, but do take a moment to make sure you have everything you need when packing your running or gym bag. Doing so will help ensure you have one less reason or excuse to skip a training day. And if you do end up forgetting, chalk it up as a rest day and try again after checking the list.

Running or race-day mishaps is the theme of today’s Tuesdays on the Run, the weekly link-up with hosts runner bloggers MCM Mama Runs, My No Guilt Life and Marcia’s Healthy Slice. Hope you spend a few minutes checking out all of the other bloggers’ posts and/or sharing your own.

Would you add to the list of necessities for a gym or workout bag? How do you make sure you have everything you need?

“Runger” continues to plague this chica as my mileage groweth. We were on vacation in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula last week where I got to run to one of my favorite lakes, Perch Lake, north of the great metropolis of Newberry in a small town called Deer Park.

Perch Lake in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

Perch Lake in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

The view was so nice, I did it twice, for a total of 18 miles. The training plan called for 24, but I just couldn’t fit it in between the eating, sightseeing and spending time with my brother, who was visiting from Puerto Rico.

I saw a moose on the way to Perch Lake.

I saw a moose on the way to Perch Lake.

I did a couple of other uneventful hour-long runs, finally wrapping up my vacay with enough miles so that I was on track with my plan.

It felt good to head home after such a fun vacation.

It felt good to head home after such a fun vacation.

Speaking of all of the eating we did, here’s this week’s plan so you have more time to run, or whatever. And if you want to make your own, here’s how I do it. You can find a few more plans here, here and here.

How was your week? How do you squeeze running time in when you’re on vacation? Feel free to share your blog post if you’ve written about this before.