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Review: 5K Crate subscription

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Disclaimer: I received running gear to review from 5K Crate as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find and write race reviews!

He didn’t resort to a personal protection order, but I definitely stalked our mailman for a few days as I eagerly awaited a box full of running goodies from the 5K Crate subscription service.

All of the items in the 5K Crate I received for this review.

For $59.99 per box, 5K Crate ships you a box each quarter with what they describe as “premium apparel and accessories for runners of all types and fitness levels.” Shipping is free.

Sent out every three months, each box has five to six items from brands such as Mission Athleticwear, Zensah, Epic Wipes, Nike and Knuckle Lights. And the company guarantees the items will have a value of more than $100. You get to pick a woman’s or men’s version.

As for my box, my first impression ranged from ooh and aah to wowza. My 5k Crate included:

  • Mission VaporAcitve Alpha Running Shirt ($35.95). It’s really, really pink. It’s also well made and the medium fit me perfectly. I ran with it and did yoga in it (and even slept in it). No rubbing or weird chaffing. I washed it on a regular cycle in cold water and hung it up to dry. Held up just fine.

    My 5K Crate included this nice, soft, comfortable and very pink shirt.

  • Mission VaporActive Cooling Towel ($19.99). The weather hasn’t been warm enough to try this out yet, but the towel looks well made and the fabric is nice and soft.

    Haven’t tried the cooling towel, but it looks well made.

  • Spigen Wireless Bluetooth Headphones ($45). Probably my favorite item in the box. I’d been looking for a good set of wireless headphones because cables drive me bonkers. These are super easy to use and set up. I had them paired up to my iPhone right away and ready to go. Unfortunately, it took me several tries to get the things to stay in my ears. The best thing I can tell you is to stick them in your ear, then twist them until they stay. Once I figured out how to do all that, they stayed put, even during my run. The sound is good, but I only wore one earbud in my ear so I could hear cars and other sounds. The battery life was longer than I imagined and the headphones gave me two low-battery warnings before they died. Removing the cover to plug in the charging cable was also a bit of a challenge because it’s tiny. But they charged just fine and I’ve continued to happily use them.

    I used these Spigen wireless headphones almost every day during my 5K Crate review period.

  • Zensah No-Show Compression Socks ($19.99). I’m a SmartWool snob, but I have to say that I also loved these. They’re super soft, comfy and washed well (ie, they stayed bright white and there were no loose threads). Because I run at 0-dark-30 a couple of mornings during the week, I also wore these to sleep in. I’m a big enough fan that I will buy another pair (or three!) to run next summer.

    I liked these socks a lot more than I expected.

  • 2 Epic Full-Size Body Wipes ($2.50 each). I haven’t tried these either because I’m saving them for next week’s Run Woodstock 50K. I am throwing them in each of my drop bags as a carrot to have something to look forward to when I’m exhausted and need a pick-me-up.

    Sticking these babies in my drop bag for next week’s 50K.

  • 3 La Fresh Travel Sunscreen Samples ($1). El husbando used these today at a football game since we had seats in the full sun, but they didn’t keep him from frying. That said, he burns easily and they are the perfect size to keep in a hydration pack or pocket for long summer runs.

    These sunscreen packets in the 5K Crate are the perfect size to stick in a hydration vest.

So is it worth selling out almost $60 based on what I got in my box? Yes. Am I hoping that my familia sees this post and decides to get me one for my birthday or Christmas? YES.

If you’re interested in trying out this service, you can pre-order the fall box, which ships out in early October. The ordering process includes listing your top, bottom and shoe sizes, and whether you want a box for a woman or man. Signing up for a year’s worth of boxes ahead of time saves you 14 percent, or more than $50.

Like a lot of subscription services, you need to know that 5K Crate’s terms and conditions state that “in order to avoid being billed for your next subscription—whether recurring on a quarterly or annual basis—be sure to cancel before the next billing date.”

Have you tried a subscription service before? Whatcha think? Was it worth the money? Do you know a runner who would love a 5K Crate? (You may have to click on “Continue Reading” to leave a comment.)

Running’s supposed to be an inexpensive sport because, theoretically, we just need shoes and the open road. Yeah, well, runners lie. There’s lots of gear to buy. Oh, boy, is there gear.

So how to decide where to spend your hard-earned money? I’m here for you, chicos and chicas.

Today’s Debrief item is SLS3‘s Dual Pocket Run Race Belt, which the company provided for me to test and review.

SLS3 Dual Pocket Run Race Belt

SLS3 Dual Pocket Run Race Belt


The belt is very streamlined. My sample is all-black, although it also comes in black with blue, lime or purple zippers. There is nothing flashy about the belt, unless you consider a stripe down the middle in the aforementioned colors flashy.

The belt itself is about an inch and a half wide, is made of water-resistant fabric and features two zippered pockets. The zippers worked nicely, didn’t catch and are easy to manage when running, even while wearing winter gloves. The elastic belt also has a plastic buckle which didn’t pinch when taking the belt on and off.

There’s a plastic piece that allows you to adjust belt to fit it around your waist, or if you’re a freak like me, around your hips.

I wore the belt on my hips.

I wore the belt on my hips.


I easily adjusted the belt around my hips and clipped it in place. The company claims the fit is bounce free and the belt delivered. My iPhone 6 (with a Lifeproof case) fit a bit snugly in one pocket but easily zipped up; I stuck a couple of Gu packets and one of SportBeans in the other, plus some tissues and Chapstick.

I took the belt on several three-to-six milers and one nine-miler. I barely noticed the thing and did not have to adjust it at all.

SLS3 belt close up.

SLS3 belt close up.

In fact, at least twice, I removed all of my running gear (I thought) before heading into the bathroom to shower before realizing that I was still wearing the belt over my running skirt.


I felt like I was cheating on my Nathan’s hydration belt, which allows me to bring my “luggage” with me on my long runs plus a couple of water bottles. I suspect I can bring just as much stuff with the SLS3’s belt, but I probably won’t use it for any long, un-aided runs because I don’t want to carry water bottles in my hands.

I also wish it had some reflective features because I run in the dark relatively often, especially in the winter.


La Chica Runs readers can get the belt for $12.90, or 57 percent off, on the company’s Amazon store and get 40 percent off the company’s entire website using the code BLOG40.

Bottom line

The belt appears well-made, expands to fit a bunch of crap, I mean, must-have gear, and at the reduced price is a great buy. I plan to continue to use it for my shorter runs or for long runs when I know I’ll have access to water/Gatorade.

Do you have a favorite running belt? Why did you pick that particular belt?