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Sometimes it’s hard to eloquently express how we feel about running other than through corny feel-good memes.

Thankfully, there are writers more talented than I who can better capture those feelings with the written word.

And author Laura Alexander was nice enough to include four quotes in this Women’s Running magazine piece that do just that.

Speaking of memes

Run Haven compiled their favorite running-related memes. If you have any to share, please do so below.

Morning runs

I’ve recently discovered before-work, early morning runs with my friend Winona. She’s been doing this for YEARS. I’ve been doing it for about three weeks and I still want to throw my iPhone across the room when the alarm goes off.

Once I see Winona’s smile, I know it was worth getting up.

But it’s those moments right after the alarm goes off that about kill me.

That’s where Desi Linden comes in with 10 things to do to prevent you from hitting snooze.

Marathon training taper mid-plan

Because I’m a relatively new runner, I love advice on how to handle real-life issues that arise during marathon training.

And since several of my friends are also training for their first half or full marathons, this piece by Susan Paul for Runner’s World magazine gives tips on how to with two races on the schedule.

All the walkers sing

WARNING: The following content is ridiculously inappropriate and offensive.

But if you watch Walking Dead, you probably don’t have a weak constitution. And if you’re suffering from WD withdrawals, this bad lip reading video is for you.

And if you, um, enjoyed (is that even the right word?) that video, here’s one for Game of Thrones.

And if you want to take vengeance on an annoying office mate, play this video or this one in the background.

What were your favorite finds of the week? What do you do to refrain from hitting snooze before an early run?







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