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There’s the bestest and then there’s better. Balance, that is.

And this Runner’s World piece shows you three quick exercises that take just four minutes. All you need is a band, which I happen to have, to improve your balance, which I happen to lack.

I should do something about that.

Shin splints (she types and shudders)

When I first started running, I got shin splints really bad. I was so new, I didn’t even know what it was or what to do about it.

That’s where Women’s Running comes in. This piece by Dr. Jeffrey Sankoff does a great job explaining what they are and what to do about them. In my case, some rest and proper shoes made a huge difference and I’ve not had that problem since.

We don’t need to stinkin’ reasons to eat cherries

Those of us who live in the Michigan tundra and who look forward to summer all winter long are rewarded with the best cherries you’ve ever tasted. They’re, in a word, perfect.

But those of you who aren’t so fortunate to have had that experience and may benefit from some convincing may want to read this Women’s Running piece touting the virtues of the humble — yet yummy — cherry.

But I needed a reason to order one more thing from Skirt Sports

OK, not really. But I have been eyeballing this visor, which my friend Brandess has encouraged me to try.

Then I came across this Competitor magazine piece that rates visors a bit higher than hats for running in the heat.

Now I have some scientific (sorta, OK one coach’s opinion) proof that I need to order the visor.

Note: I was not compensated for mentioning Skirt Sports in this post, but I am a Skirt Sports ambassador captain. If you want to get 20 percent off your next regular-price purchase (a visor, perhaps), use code SSLCR20.

Did you find any great stuff this week? What was your favorite running-related story or blog post (including your own)?




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