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A 105-year-old man set a 100-meter dash record. And he’s not the first older man who’s impressed me this week.

Become pretzel-ized

I’m not a huge fan of yoga because it’s slooooow. But it was part of my recovery and later cross training as I prepped for my first marathon. And I’m not the only one.

If you haven’t already tried it, may I recommend Rebecca Pacheco? She’s got a bunch of videos at Runner’s World magazine. My favorites are only 30 minutes long, so I can squeeze them into even the busiest of days.

From 5XL to 5K

As I said before, I’m a sucker for stories about people who’ve changed their lives through running.

I especially love this woman’s story because she changed her whole lifestyle and started from scratch. She is amazing.

I thought it was just me

My family teases me a lot about my, well, odor after I come home from a run.

I leave this video as proof that I at least don’t have the world’s stinkiest feet.

Did you find any cool items this week?


Written by: lachicaruns

My name is Gisgie. It's pronounced geese (like the birds) and gee (like the letter). Now that we've met, I'm glad you're here. I'm an injury-prone runner who manages to find reasons to keep coming back to the road despite ongoing challenges. Most recently, I've struggled with piriformis syndrome. I'm currently winning. Most days.

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