Tuesdays on the run: Post-race celebrations

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It’s time for Tuesdays on the Run, with today’s topic: Post-race celebrations. As always, Tuesdays is hosted by runner bloggers MCM Mama Runs, My No Guilt Life and Marcia’s Healthy Slice.

I’m typically the last of my friends to finish, so my first inclination is to go find them, take a couple of commemorative photos and get on the road. I’ve seen beer tents and even group Zumba at some of the events I’ve attended, but it’s just not my thing.

In fact, when I finished my first Turkeyman Trot 5K race with my favorite teen-age runner we high-fived and walked off without giving the finish a second glance, glad to see my good friend Karen was there to cheer us in but also looking forward to eating pie after our Thanksgiving dinner.

As for my favorite post-race celebration, I’ve got to say it was my first full marathon in October. I trained for about five months for that sucker and ran for almost six hours straight. Seeing my friends at the finish line almost brought tears to my eyes. But I don’t really cry, so the tears remained unshed.

And then I saw el husbando and two of our kids and I forgot about every single step I took to get to the finish. It was pretty emotional and rewarding. I barely noticed the women handing out medals to the few stragglers that came in with me.

With most of la familia.

With most of la familia.

I may have jumped up and down with my friend and running mentor Janet as we hugged right after, she wearing a green tutu after pacing the half marathon and waiting — with a few others — for hours to be part of this mini celebration.

Marathon with Janet

I was touched that they would spend so much time waiting just to see me finish. Several said they were proud. All of them made me feel like what I had just done mattered, even if the race organizers were already clearing out.

I’m not sure that I’ll ever beat any of my friends’ times, but I certainly hope that someday I can repay the favor. And, who knows, maybe I’ll be the one wearing the green tutu. Or, more likely, be the one to think to bring pie.

How about it? How do you celebrate after a race? What was your most-emotional post-event celebration?

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My name is Gisgie. It's pronounced geese (like the birds) and gee (like the letter). Now that we've met, I'm glad you're here. I'm an injury-prone runner who manages to find reasons to keep coming back to the road despite ongoing challenges. Most recently, I've struggled with piriformis syndrome. I'm currently winning. Most days.



Gisgie this is so sweet to look back on! I was the last of my friends to finish the most recent marathon I ran and I was grateful to find them in the beer tent!
Like you, I rarely get emotional at races but I have to say when I finished the swim at my first tri earlier this year, I welled up. After having to be rescued as a teen to finally learning to swim and overcoming that fear enough to complete a tri, I felt overwhelmed. Thanks for linking up!


First tri? Impressive. I can’t bring myself to swim in Michigan lakes. Just too darn cold.

I so appreciate my running friends. They’re just crazy enough. Know what I mean?


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