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As much as I’ve loved the previous Skirt Sports skirts I’ve tried, my current favorite is the Tough Girl and I’m fortunate to get to give one away, so make sure to enter as many times as you want before the giveaway ends at midnight on my birthday, Dec. 8, 2015. I’ll announce the winner on Dec. 9.

This is where I tell you that as a Skirt Sports ambassador captain I get gear to try and a generous discount. That said, all opinions are my own.

Why the Tough Girl?

tough girl skirt

I got the Tough Girl in early fall and pulled it out as soon as the temperatures dipped into the 40s in the Michigan tundra. I was not disappointed then nor more-recently when I’ve run in the 20s with a brisk wind.

Like its shorter cousins, the Tough Girl fits great. I am not-quite 5-foot-6 and weigh about 130 lbs. The medium is a hair too big, but it doesn’t feel like it’s going to fall off. It’s also a bit long, but doesn’t touch the ground when I wear running shoes. Good news: it also comes in short and long lengths as well as in sizes from XS to XXL.

The fabric is substantial but not so thick that it feels heavy. The skirt is just the right length to cover your, ahem, assets and the built-in pants have two pockets that easily fit my iPhone, even with my Otterbox cover.

tough girl pocket

I’ve loved this skirt so much that I have been washing it, hanging it to air dry and wearing it again the next day. (I’ve asked Santa for another winter-weight skirt so I’ll have one to wear and one to wash.)

The Tough Girl retails for $95 and the quality shows. This has been my go-to skirt and has held up beautifully despite all of the use (including trail runs every Sunday) and repeated machine washing.

As with a lot of the Skirt Sports gear, I really wish the company would add more reflective features, especially since it’s weight and length call for it to be worn in the fall and winter when the days are so much shorter. Other than that, it’s definitely a winter must-have.

How do I get my hands on a Tough Girl?

You can enter the giveaway, of course. Or use my 20 percent off code to buy your own: SSLCR20.

What are the rules?

You can enter daily. By participating, you are agreeing to share your email with me as well as with Skirt Sports. You’ll receive an email with instructions on how to claim your prize.

I will pick one winner at random using the tool Rafflecopter, which gives you options of steps you can take to earn entries such as commenting on my blog or following me on Twitter.

The winner will get a code to use online to register for the race and get all the goodies that come with registration. Can’t wait to see who wins!

What’s your favorite winter running item? Have you entered to win the Tough Girl skirt?

Written by: lachicaruns

My name is Gisgie. It's pronounced geese (like the birds) and gee (like the letter). Now that we've met, I'm glad you're here. I'm an injury-prone runner who manages to find reasons to keep coming back to the road despite ongoing challenges. Most recently, I've struggled with piriformis syndrome. I'm currently winning. Most days.



I would love to give this skirt a try. I don’t have many running skirts and an trying to find the right one!

Sloane K.

I live in Ohio and running at 5 am has become a tad chilly! Would love to try out theTough Girl!


I’ve always wanted to try this skirt! I love in Ohio and love running in the cold…this would be my prefect match!

Stephanie L

The Tough Girl has been on my wish list for a while. I would love to win so it can get me through my winter training and help me reach a Half PR in the Spring!!


I’d love to win because the temps keep dropping and more coverage is needed 🙂 I also don’t have a SS brand skirt so I’d love to win to finally test it out !

Deanna Dunlap

I don’t own a Skirt Sport, but from the review it sounds like I NEED one. 🙂


I love the length and it really is a good weight for colder runs. My beanie hat makes me look like a Q-tip but it, too, keeps me toasty.

Jeanette Krause

Woohoo! Would love to win this. Always wanted to try Skirt Sports. Good luck to me!


I have trouble with short shorts when running and love the flare of a skirt over pants. I love feeling like a woman when I run!


Thanks for the opportunity. I would love a Tough Girl skirt to live up to the tough girl image my friends have of me. They think I’m tough, but I really need something to help me beat the cold we see here in Ohio. Thanks!


I love skirt sports skirts for all weather running, I’m sure this would be a great winter addition.


I love the one and only running skirt that I got from Skirt Sports, but it is way way too cold to use now. This looks phenomenal and I would love to try it! Plus, it’s uber cute.


Absolutely love my Skirt Sport skirts and would love to try out some of the winter gear. Great review!!


My go to favorite for winter running is a pair of touch-screen friendly gloves! I never leave for a cold run without them! Thanks for your detailed review. It was super helpful!! I definitely entered to win the skirt!!


I need a tough girl skirt in my life. I am training for my first marathon next year! 🙂


USA fit program. Great local chapter here with amazing coachs and super supportive group 😉 (and my Nike Running app)


I’ve heard a lot about Skirt Sports skirts but do not have one yet. Everyone raves about them and I would love to win so that I can try it out for myself. I live in Ohio and train through the winter no matter the temps! This would be perfect!


I am new to running (especially winter running!) Would love to try this skirt ♡♡♡


I need one of these. Just ordered a skirt, but really need long pants. I agree on the need for more reflective components on their gear though. I choose my winter running gear based on that.


I would love to win a pair, I’ve heard great things but don’t have the money to buy running gear unfortunately.


I’m getting a tough girl for Christmas–I can’t wait to use it. I love skirt sports. Great write up!


I just had baby #4 last February, and very few of my old running clothes fit. I would love to add something cool to my running wqrdrobe!


A tough chick, needs a tough skirt – would love to it a try! I only have a warm weather skirt, but ohio winters are looooong!


I have never owned a running skirt but have always been interested in them. They always look so cute on the women I see running in them. Thanks for the giveaway!

Erin Dayton

Would love to have one of these to get back into running after my second baby! He was born 13 weeks ago, so now that I am healing, the weather has turned colder up here in Breckenridge. Oh well, gotta start sometime! This skirt would help!


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