The bestest finds of the week

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My most-favorite thing of the week is actually that running has become a part of my routine again. Three times a week. Every week. Yes!
Bestest Finds of the Week
But I’m also thoroughly enjoying:
Teachers who rock
El husbando is a middle school teacher, so I’m partial to this Runner’s World magazine piece about 200 middle school students who finished the Arizona Half Marathon.
How anyone can get even one teenager to do anything is remarkable. But 200? Those Phoenix teachers are amazing and deserve the recognition.
Doctors who make sense
I’m a big fan of Dr. Jordan Metzl, a New York City sports medicine doctor often featured in Runner’s World magazine. He’s featured in an article about what kind of runner is most likely to get injured.
The story features new research about who gets injured most, but also this gem from Dr. Metzl: “The biggest cause of running injuries across the board is not enough strength. If you want to get back on the road — and stay there — you’re going to have to put in some strength work.”
Preach it, brother!
Rick Grimes without a beard 
Best without a beard. Credit: Gene Page/AMC.

Credit: Gene Page/AMC.

OK, that’s not just this week. Big The Walking Dead fan here who isn’t missing Rick’s beard. At all.

 Although, to be clear, my heart belongs to Rogelio de la Vega, of course.
I got this on Valentine's Day.

I got this on Valentine’s Day.

A quick shout-out to this company after getting awesome support online — plus a phone call from a bilingual customer service rep today to make sure everything was going well with my new website.
Indeed. ¡Gracias!
Just how much do you love The Walking Dead? Does Rick look best without a beard or without a beard? Did you have any favorite finds this week?

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