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To borrow a refrain from a certain musical: Puerto Rico, you lovely island

Were I to schedule a destination race, my homeland would be at the top of the list. I wasn’t a runner when I lived there, so I’m not familiar with the racing scene, but I do know that the Puerto Rico Marathon and Half in March runs through some of my favorite childhood spots.

El Morro, one of my favorite places in Puerto Rico.

El Morro, one of my favorite places in Puerto Rico.

To account for the heat (temperatures of at least 70 at the starting line), the race begins at o-dark-thirty (a.k.a. 5 a.m.), but quickly takes runners from the classic Caribe Hilton Hotel through Old San Juan’s hilly cobblestone streets with a finish line that just happens to be near a beach.

Source: www.visitapuertorico.com

Source: www.visitapuertorico.com

Seeing some of my favorite sights would be worth the price of travel, which is what this week’s Tuesdays on the Run link-up is all about. While many runners plan trips just for races, I’ve yet to do that. And with one kid in college and one following him in a year, it may not be in my future anytime soon. Unless, of course, one of you knows a race organizer who wants to sponsor me.

chica can dream, no?

A back-up race on the Isla del Encanto would be the World’s Best 10K Race in February, an even worse-weather month in the Michigan tundra, allowing me to enjoy the trip even more. The course also travels on the Teodoro Moscoso Bridge which tends to be breezy and may help with the expected heat.

Either way, the trip would give me a chance to catch up with my brother, see childhood friends and eat some delicious food to refuel from the race, of course.

My brother Joey.

My brother Joey.

Until I can fulfill my racing dreams, I have convinced my familia to use our annual week-long vacation to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to run my first trail half, the Two Hearted near the Tahquamenon Falls next month. Not quite the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, but beautiful nonetheless.


Source: Michigan DNR

What about you: What would be your dream destination race? If you’ve done one, what lessons learned would you share?

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Lynn Schense

I have watched the videos for the Yellowstone Half a zillion times! Maybe next year…


Do you ever go back to visit? I would love to run a race in my hometown in Mexico, but I’m not even sure they do races.

My god! I would love to have arroz con Gandules in Puerto Rico!! Well, I’m lying… I would love Arroz con gandules anywhere!


Arroz con gandules and friend plantains are my favorite. And mofongo. And tembleque. And…and…and… OK, I need to book a trip. 😉


Paging PR, paging PR… we need a sponsor over here! lol I hope you get to run that one soon- it looks lovely!


The Puerto Rico Marathon actually invited me to come and run a few years back so it could happen to you…
Racing in the UP will be awesome!

Jessica S

How gorgeous! Puerto Rico would be fantastic but warm even with a 5 am start I’d imagine. 🙂 Totally worth it though!


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