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For a person who’s not run very many races, I sure have enough of a collection of race shirts that I can wear a fresh one every day without repeats for a couple of weeks.

I have long-sleeve shirts, women’s fit shirts, tech shirts, cotton shirts and men’s size small shirts. I even have enough colors to match most any Skirt Sports skirt (a huge priority, if I’m being honest).

race memorabiliaToday’s Tuesdays on the Run topic is race memorabilia and it’s made me take stock of what things I keep to commemorate and remember my races. If you’re not familiar, Tuesdays on the Run is a weekly link-up with hosts runner bloggers MCM Mama Runs, My No Guilt Life and Marcia’s Healthy Slice.

Although I do value and thoroughly enjoy a good-quality, tech shirt from my races, it’s really the race bib and medal that mean the most to me. I’ve actually kept all of mine, and this not-crafty chica even created a race medal and bib display so I can enjoy them in my office. I got ideas from the usual trusty source, Pinterest, but settled on the one I thought I could most-easily execute.

My crafty skills showcased in this race medal and bib display.

My crafty skills showcased in this race medal and bib display.

After each race, I’ve written in my time, just so that I can keep track of my progress. It’s rewarding to look back and see progress, however incremental.

I’ve only gotten an item that wasn’t a race shirt or medal at two races. One was a highlighter-yellow drawstring bag that I use for my running shoes when I pack my running gym bag; the other is my all-time favorite: jewelry. I got a really nice sterling silver race charm that I wear on a simple silver chain.

I got this sterling silver charm at the Gazelle Girl Half Marathon.

I got this sterling silver charm at the Gazelle Girl Half Marathon.

Talk about race swag! I would very much like to see more items like this one at other events. I know that some race series offer belt buckles, but I can’t imagine sporting that very often much like I don’t walk around with my race medals around my neck.

Overall, I keep signing up for races for the feeling of accomplishment, not specifically what I get at packet pick-up. That said, the items serve to extend that warm feeling for many years beyond race day.

How about you: what are some of your favorite items you’ve gotten at a race? If you’ve earned a race-related belt buckle, do you wear it? Feel free to share your blog post links below if you’re participating in the link-up.

Written by: lachicaruns

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I really like the charm. I’d wear something like that if more races gave them out. Didn’t the Nike’s Half do something like that?


I have heard that other races also offer jewelry and I plan to schedule some of those races into my life … As soon as we get our oldest two kids through college. (They’re really cramping my style!)


Love the race bib holder and especially that you handcrafted it yourself! I’ve always wanted to do the Nike Women’s half marathon in San Francisco because of the Tiffany’s necklaces they hand out at the finish line, so I completely understand you wearing the silver charm you received…very nice!

Emily @ Out and About

That necklace is beautiful! I agree – I always love when races hand out more unique swag. Shirts are nice, but some standouts I’ve gotten in the past have been hats and shorts. Your bib board is awesome!!!


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