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Got to go for a three-miler today right after work. The sun kept peeking out, but the wind just wouldn’t stop. I didn’t look at my weather app before heading out, so I overdressed and had to strip off my windbreaker and hat right away (the hat mostly because it almost blew off my head!).

Not really optimal conditions, but this chica is not going to complain.

It was an even slower run than my usual shuffle (about 11:45/mile), but I thoroughly enjoyed being outside doing one of my favorite things. And so were a couple dozen or so people on the Lansing River Trail downtown.

Running the River Trail always reminds me just how much this city has transformed since I first came in 1989. The 13-mile trail is clean, well maintained and well used. There were several couples chatting and holding hands, a few folks walking their dogs and even a couple of families taking a stroll.IMG_3844

The 100-year-old Lansing City Market looked particularly nice and I noticed seating facing the Grand River, a potentially perfect lunch spot this summer. Going to have to check back on that.

I did slow down enough to take a couple of pictures of the “Inspiration” statue I’ve seen a couple of times on my River Walk runs, but had not taken the time to really admire. I later learned the 2,000-lb. stainless steel ribbon by California sculptor James T. Russell was paid for by private donations.

The ribbon was given to the city in 2009 after its sesquicentennial birthday celebration. The piece was particularly resplendent in the bit of sunshine that graced that part of my run.

Also particularly beautiful this afternoon with its white dome surrounded by blue sky was the Capitol, which I get to see most days. Even after more than two decades seeing this building, I’m still struck by its beauty and feel blessed I get to see it soLansing's Capitol building often.

It may not have been a perfect run, but I’m grateful for the time on the pavement.

So, did you run today? What’s your favorite place to run and why? Do you live in the city, burbs or sticks?


Written by: lachicaruns

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