My 8 favorite non-running things that make running better

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Sometimes, it’s the little things. As I’ve re-started Couch to 5K yet again and am heading out three times a week, I’m noticing a few non-running-related items I reach for that make my running life that much better.

And because you know I just gotta share, here’s my list below.

1. Febreze Sport spray. Just a squirt — OK, or three — and I can get one more use out of my favorite windbreaker. Since I wear it over my long-sleeve winter running shirt and a hoodie, it doesn’t get very stinky. But we all know that running stink defies reality, so I spray the jacket with the Febreze and hang it to air out.

2. Tide detergent also sells a Febreze Sport product that has saved more than one of my technical T-shirts. Regular detergent just can’t touch the aforementioned post-run stink.

3. Good old ChapStick. Always a good idea before a short run with a second application at some point during a longer run. A little tube of the stuff saved me during my half marathon race when my trusty tech T-shirt started to chafe under my arms. ChapStick was a surprisingly good substitute for BodyGlide.

4. A see-through plastic over-the-door shoe organizer. I stick a lot of my running gear in its pockets so that I can grab gloves, a hat, my ChapStick, headphones, etc., without having to tear the house apart.

5. Goody ouchless elastic hair ties. Those suckers work, don’t hurt when I’m pulling them off and they last forever.

6. Euceryn Aquaphor. I’ve talked about my love of this product before, but it doesn’t make it any less handy. I use it on my lips if I don’t have my ChapStick handy, on my legs and arms to avoid ashy skin and on my feet. (I don’t want to talk about it.)

7. A skirt hanger with clips. Use them to hang my running leggings as well as unmentionables without leaving that weird mark from the regular plastic hangers.

8. Chocolate milk. Because it’s yummy. Oh, and it’s apparently a pretty good after-run recovery drink.

What are some of your favorite things that make running easier or better? 

Written by: lachicaruns

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