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Got to enjoy the Carnival Glory all of last week, with stops in St. Marteen, my motherland of Puerto Rico and Grand Turk. It was a blast.

I won’t bore you with tons of pictures of me snorkeling, eating Chocolate Melting Cake or sitting pool-side, but I will tell you that I got to run three times on the ship’s track for about 45 minutes each time. It was, well, glorious.

Between those runs and today’s run on the Michigan State University campus where it was a perfect 60 degrees, I can finally share my thoughts on the three Skirt Sports running skirts I’ve tried so far. Remember that I bought some gear myself and will note whenever the company gives me items to review/test. This is where I tell you that although they may give me the gear, all thoughts are my own.

Ready for those deep, meaningful thoughts?

Happy Girl

My favorite skirt so far is the  Happy Girl, mostly because the semi-compression shorts underneath did not move an inch. Those suckers stayed put, no matter what.

I like that the skirt is long enough that I don’t have to adjust it at all, even when I am wearing my fanny pack high-tech hydration belt. It does still feel a bit long, but I’ll take it because the skirt fits perfectly.Happy Girl skirt

This will be my go-to skirt for my longer runs because it also has big pockets and the shorts are long enough that there was absolutely no chaffing. I ran with it on the ship when it was five-gazillion degrees and I didn’t notice any significant difference in my comfort, compared to the shorter skirt.

I’m glad I got it in black because I know I’ll be wearing it a lot.

What’s not to like?

Gym Girl Ultra

This was the first freebie item from Girl Sports and I absolutely love the look and the feel of the fabric. The Gym Girl is the company’s most-popular skirt and I can see why.Free Spirit Gym Girl Ultra home Free Spirit Gym Ultra

I ordered the Free Spirit print in the jewel-tone green, which has a silky feel and a soft sheen. The skirt has slits on the sides, which means that the shorts show quite a bit as you walk/run (not a problem for me).

This skirt is flattering. Like all of the items I’ve ordered so far, I ordered this in medium and it fits just right. I’m glad I didn’t order this in a small. (Here’s where I show how deeply I love you guys: I typically wear a size 5/6 in regular clothes and weigh between 130 and 135 lbs.)

The shorts did ride up when I got in and out of my car, but that was the only time I had to readjust them. The skirt, however, just would not stay put when I wore my belt and I had to keep pulling both the front and back panels down.

I will definitely wear this style again, but probably only on shorter runs when I don’t wear my belt. They do make it in lots of fabrics, so I’ll be revisiting this beauty.

Running Skirt with Shorties

I also really liked the Running Skirt with Shorties because it was comfortable and cool. The shorties did not move at all; there was no re-adjusting.

I especially liked the red over black combination and that the fabric is so light-weight.

Only thing I didn’t like was the length. Again, it fits just right and looks very flattering, especially with the matching Reversible Flight Tank Top.  But I just don’t know if chaffing will be an issue with longer runs in the summer heat; I would definitely use Body Glide or something similar with this skirt for a longer run, just in case.

A side note on the tank top: It’s ridiculously comfortable and — bonus! — is reversible, so I’ve worn it several times already. More on this and other Skirt Sports tops later on.Skirt on the Glory

Overall, I’ve most-definitely converted to skirt. I like the more-flattering look than just wearing capris and the comfort of not having to worry about lots of pulling and adjusting like with traditional running shorts.

Remember that if you want to order regular-priced items, you can use the SSLCR20 code for 20 percent off.

Happy running!

What’s your favorite new item of running gear? How much running will you do this week? Just how nice is the weather where you are?


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MCM Mama

I’m a Happy Girl wearer all the way. I think I own 15 of them at this point. I like the extra coverage and the no chafing. In the fall, make sure you check out the capris – those are pretty awesome too!


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