La chica is officially part of the Mullet Crew

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Ran my first half marathon today and loved it. So much so that I definitely want to do it again. 
Someday. (Just don’t tell sports med doc. It’ll be our little secret.)
My friend Brandess and her BFF Shannon paced my group at 13 minutes per mile. 

Yes, those are mullet wigs, fake tattoo sleeves and plaid shirts. Brandess is even sporting a fake mustache, which kept falling off, but she continued to paste back on her face for reasons I can’t pretend to comprehend.
They also are the reason I actually was able to finish the race. They led our group of about eight from the start, telling us stories, yelling encouragement and cracking jokes. I don’t think there was a volunteer or police office on the race course who didn’t get a heartfelt thank you from our group.
The race started down the street from the state Capitol, down Michigan and Grand River Avenues, up through the beautiful Michigan State University campus, down the River Trail, through part of Potter Park Zoo and back to downtown Lansing. 
The temps were in the high 50s with a steady breeze. It even sprinkled a few times. Not bad, especially when the weather called for severe thunderstorms and the race director gave instructions should they need to cancel the race due to lighting.
My Sport Beans did the job and I gladly drank some Gatorade and water volunteers hoisted on us throughout the course. 
Ricky Martin, Pitbull, Daddy Yankee, Wisin & Yandel, Willie Colon and Eminem kept me company up until about mile eight, when my battery was so low, I had to turn off the music.
No trouble.
Thanks to the mullet crew, we set a great pace of about 12:45 for about 10 miles. Our group kept a nice, steady conversation with random whoops and hollers (we love hills!) or when seeing the mile markers. 
By mile 10, my friend Erin and I figured we “just” had 5K to go, so we pushed ahead a little bit and ran at a very comfortable but faster pace. We knew we were close when we started to see other runners already wearing their bling heading back to their cars. 
Words can’t describe how touching it was to see our faster Black Girls Run! Lansing team mates waiting for us at the finish line. Hugs all around, followed by more pictures. 
This chica is very blessed. Life is good.
Have you run a half marathon? Who was waiting for you at the finish? How did you celebrate?

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