What runners do when they can’t run

by lachicaruns on

Since I wrote my last post about the pain that’s keeping me from running, some of my friends have suggested I take a few days off to see if rest would help. You know, R.I.C.E. or rest, ice, compression and elevation.

For the past few days, I’ve been doing this:
And today, I did some of this:
So, tomorrow, I’m going to do some of this:
And hopefully, even some of this:
Which I really hope doesn’t look like this:
No matter what, I hope to feel like this:

Did you get to work out today? How did you feel? What makes you feel like deranged happy cat?

Written by: lachicaruns

My name is Gisgie. It's pronounced geese (like the birds) and gee (like the letter). Now that we've met, I'm glad you're here. I'm an injury-prone runner who manages to find reasons to keep coming back to the road despite ongoing challenges. Most recently, I've struggled with piriformis syndrome. I'm currently winning. Most days.

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