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One of my favorite things about camping is finding new trails. Although I struggle through most of them, trails just make me happy because they’re typically beautiful, offer a lot of shade and tend to be long enough that I can go out and back and never run out of surface.

So I had high hopes when I headed out on the Harrisville-Cedar Run Nature Trail while at Harrisville State Park this weekend.

The state park is gorgeous. Our site, 94, was right on the Lake Huron shoreline, which features fine sand, enough Petoskey stones to keep the kids busy and crashing waves to lull you to sleep.

The view from our campsite at Harrisville State Park.

The view from our campsite at Harrisville State Park.

I’d grabbed a trail map when we registered, but had a hard time figuring out what kind of trail this Harrisville-Cedar Run really was. I laced up later than I’d planned (OK, a lot later. At 10 a.m., it was already 84 degrees) and headed out for my long, slow run.

I picked up the trail at near the host’s site and immediately found it to be asphalt. Hmph. Let’s focus on the pretty trees.

The trail almost immediately took me toward the town of Harrisville, behind a warehouse building and through a neighborhood. The closest thing to nature here were the well-manicured green lawns.

The town is very pretty and the trail very well marked, and I soon found myself near the waterfront at a small lake-side park dedicated to a Joseph K. Miller with a poem inscribed on a plaque.

miller plaque

By now, I am melting, but I press on toward the Harrisville Harbor where vendors are setting up for what I later learned was the Sunrise Side Wine and Food Festival, featuring live music and an art show.


I pressed on, following the trail markers, still wondering how this could possibly be called a nature trail.


I made it a couple of miles out, still through neighborhoods featuring coastal-themed homes on the water and got a few peeks at the lake. I eventually ran into a private road, turned around and headed back.

Same sidewalks, roads and homes greeted me, but by now the heat and humidity were making me dizzy and I was glad to see the state campground sign welcoming me back.


Post-run, I sat lakeside to read while the kids searched for more rocks.


Later, I enjoyed the beautiful pinks, reds and oranges from the day’s sunset and finally found the nature I was promised.IMG_4846

Do you run on trails? Do you camp? Do you run while you camp? If you live in Michigan, sunrise or sunset shoreline?



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